Build smarter, from the ground up.

Proven labor efficient, low impact foundation products

Why Ground Frame?

Strong. Fast. Affordable.

Pin Foundations has been producing compelling alternatives to conventional foundation design for over 25 years. Ground Frame is the result of years of refinement, research, and practical application.

Ground Frame Beam System
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Dig Less

Eliminate the need for significant excavation.

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Build Faster

Skip excavation, pouring,
and backfill.

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Reduce Costs

No heavy equipment,
fewer build days.

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Lower Impact

Leave soils, water flows,
and vegetation intact.

Ground Frame Solutions

Timber and steel foundation products perfect for any project.

  • 1 and 2 story, frame buildings without basements
  • Crawl space or slab on grade (ADA friendly)
  • Wood frame (Type V) or steel studded construction
  • Flat, terraced or sloped sites up to 3:1
  • Minimized excavation, low impact construction

“I have always been interested in “How?”. How can I make this project and my world better? This question lead me to learn about Pin Foundations over 15 years ago. Since then, I have designed PFI foundations into projects a number of times. I find the specification process straightforward and really like how efficient and low-impact the installation process is. Perhaps the best testimonial I can give is that my personal home is supported by a PFI Ground Frame design.”

– Jane Baughman, AIA, LEED AP, Technical Director, Associate Principal, EYP

Revolutionize your approach to foundations.

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