Why Ground Frame?

Adaptability to suit your project.

Foundation solutions for innovative designers and builders.

Leverage the earth’s strength without compromise.

Ground Frame’s innovative approach capitalizes on the existing strength of the soil. Avoid the downsides of conventional foundations with a lighter, faster solution that offers the same performance.

Grade beam prefabbed chassis.

Architects and Engineers

Innovate your portfolio. Design with confidence.

Ground Frame offers architects and engineers proven foundation options with significant advantages in design, site impact, logistics, installation and overall project costs.

  • Suited to a wide range of residential and commercial projects
  • Dramatically reduced weight for comparable capacity over traditional concrete systems
  • Products engineered to meet and exceed project lifecycle
  • Tested by IAS accredited third party agencies
  • Improved logistics with minimal site prep and efficient,
    low-impact installation
  • Project design support and custom components available
  • Can be used to create a striking visual result or hidden for
    more conventional aesthetics

Ground Frame Columns


Joist ready crawl space


Skip excavation, pouring and backfill. Stop waiting on third party installers. Start building
much faster.

Conventional foundation design has seen little change for over a century. Project logistics are improved as Ground Frame installation is intuitive. Most experienced laborers / framers are able to install Ground Frame systems with no training. As a surface-install system, Ground Frame creates a light and strong connection between ground and building.

  • Reduce project timelines
  • Resource, labor, and cost efficiency
  • Minimal site prep and efficient, low-impact installation
  • No special training, tools, or certification required
  • Minimal environmental impact

Ground Frame Grade Beams

Ground Frame Column


The most sustainable foundation approach.

Proven performance without sacrificing environmental responsibility. Ground Frame designs are tailored to fit the unique landscape of your project, resulting in little to no soil or vegetation disturbance and no change to water flows or need for remediation. Additionally, the light-weight, strong timber and steel foundation takes the place of concrete, minimizing transport and installation emissions.


Ground Frame Close Up

Revolutionize your approach to foundations.